PC Station Configuration   

  1. IE Automatic Configuration
  2. IE Manual Configuration
  3. Pop-ups blockers
  4. Installing Advisor247 Office AddIn for MS Outlook

1. IE Automatic Configuration

Click here to download the application for automatic configuration. After opening it, please follow the on-screen instructions (click Next->Install->Finish).
Attention! The automatic configurator must make changes in the registry and therefore some of the security applications might try to stop it. Please acceppt the changes.

2. IE Manual Configuration

If your setting does not allow for using the automatic configurator, (e.g. if it was not possible to download the file), you can do it manually. Follow these steps to do it: Go to Tools menu in your Internet Explorer. Click on Internet Options….

In opened window click on Security tab and select Trusted sites icon. Then, click Sites… button.

Make sure that Require server verification (https:) for all sites in this zone option is disabled.
Type in the text box address of Advisor247 site twice, with both prefixes: http:// and https:// or make sure, that proposed address is proper (you can also write an address once with "*" at the beginning like: *.chromecrm.com). Then click Add button, next to text box.

When finished, click Close

Click Custom Level button.

In the opened window, enable the following options: "Download signed ActiveX controls", "Download unsigned ActiveX controls", "Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting", "Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins", "Automatic prompting for file downloads", "File download".

To make sure the ActiveX has been installed properly please use option Download document

If everything is properly configured, you should see the Word document opening.

3. Pop-ups blockers

Google Bar

If you have Google bar on, it may block the pop-ups in Advisor247.
Please see if you can find the following icon informing about the blocked pop-ups on your Google bar.

In the presented screen we have 4 pop-us already blocked.
If you want to enable pop-ups please click the marked icon.
It will turn into.

Yahoo Bar

If you have Yahoo bar installed it may also block the pop-ups in Advisor247
Please see if you have the following icon in your toolbar

If you want to enable pop-ups click this icon
(In the next screen we have 2 pop-ups already blocked)

Then, choose the option Always allow pop-ups from… as shown in the screen

In the new window you will see the address you type in when connecting to Advisor247

Mark it and click Allow

You will be then asked if you want to allow pop-ups from this site always

Click OK
Then click Close

Pop-up blocker in IE

IE may also block the pop-ups, on the toolbar, please see if you can find the following bar:

Then click it

Choose the option Always allow pp-ups from this site
You will then be asked to confirm your choice

Click Yes
Refresh the page
Pop-up blocker in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla may also block the pop-ups, on the toolbar, please see if you can find the following bar:

Click the Options button

Choose the option Allow pop ups for….

5. Installing Advisor247 Office AddIn for MS Outlook

To use the advanced automation features of Advisor247 to generate documents or file emails you will also have to install the Advisor247 Office AddIn

Once you click the link (the proper one for your MS Office version) the setup program will guide you through the installation process. Make sure that all other applications are closed e.g. ( MS Office, MS Outlook)

If you encountered any difficulties while installing the AddIn on your own please contact

After the installation has been completed, open any empty MS Office Word document and fill in the required information (see the example below)

In the login field type in your login to Advisor247, in the password field – your password
Click button test connection and version
If everything is correct you should get the following information

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